The Amazingly Simple

Data Mapping Tool

The cloud-based data mapping tool that makes your data project a snap!

  • No hardware to manage, no software to install.

  • Map your data, maintain your business glossary, and evaluate impacts.

  • MapWorks is for business analysts, data analysts, developers, QA, data governance teams, report writers, or anyone who cares about data.


Amazingly Simple

Data-Mapping Tool

Is this your Data Dictionary?

Fact:  Data users work faster and reach better conclusions when they know where their data comes from and what happened to it along the way.

Unlock your Metadata!  Get it out of the binders and spreadsheets.  Empower your team and put your data definitions and mappings where they can be used.

Tired of Ugly Spreadsheets?

Fact:  Spreadsheets get lost.  Nobody knows if the spreadsheet was updated.  Spreadsheets are ugly.

Use MapWorks and quit chasing ugly spreadsheets in email and your shared network location.  Manage your metadata – not your spreadsheets.

Becoming a Data Driven organization starts with managing your Metadata.

MapWorks provides a critical tool for empowering your users.  Data definitions and formats, mapping rules and transformations, lists of values – all can be easily managed within MapWorks.  Data lineage?  Got it.  Impact analysis?  Yep, got that too.  And MapWorks is a turnkey system that doesn’t require any new equipment or software.  Sign-up and get your metadata under control today.  It’s Amazingly Simple!