Explore a Sample Project

MapWorks comes with sample data to help you explore and learn how to use our key features.



It all starts with our Free Trial

If you haven’t already, setup your trial site so you can explore all the great things that MapWorks does.  We need to collect some details to configure your site, but you don’t need a credit card to start exploring.  Be sure to add your team as users so they can check it out too!

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Then explore the preloaded sample

Open up the Sample folder and you’ll see everything that we’ve loaded for you.  In the folder, we’ve setup sample Systems that you can drill into.

Source systems

  • Customer Information System

  • Product Manager

  • Real-time Order Processing System

  • Email Marketing

Integrated Data Warehouse


Each of the sources has data files or tables with sample data elements.  In our example project, we map data elements from the source systems into the Integrated Data Warehouse and then into a downstream Report.


For each data element, there’s a lot of information

Click on a data element and then look at each tab in the information window.


  • Business and technical metadata

  • Mapping rules and filter criteria

  • Maintain valid values

  • View upstream and downstream lineage charts

Get the most from your trial

This is a hands-on sample – take it for a spin, you won’t break anything

How to get the most from the sample

  • Invite your team to participate – the more the merrier

  • Export the sample data and check out the Excel import template.  Try importing your own data

  • Change things.  Update mappings, clone elements, put it through it’s paces

If you get stuck

We’re here to help.  We’ve got a great FAQ and training videos to get you going.  Or log a ticket on our support page and we’ll get on the line and help any way we can.