The Delta Plane

Just a little fun . . . life isn’t all about work.  Make a plane and throw at your colleagues!


Step by Step Instructions


Start with an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper – you’ll be folding along these lines.  If it makes it easier, copy this template and paste on your own paper.


Orient the template so that the “UP” arrow is at the top of the page. Then flip the paper over so that none of the fold lines are showing.


Fold the top left corner down toward you until fold line 1 becomes visible. Crease along the dotted line and repeat with the top right corner.


Fold the left side over again and crease along fold line 2. Repeat with the right side.


Fold the nose down and toward you along fold line 3.


Fold the right half of the plane over the left half along fold line 4 so that the outside edges of the wings line up.


Fold the wings down along fold lines 5 and the winglets up along fold lines 6. Add wing dihedral by tilting the wings up slightly away from the fuselage. The wings will have a slight “V” shape when viewed from the front. You are ready to fly!

Credit:  This template and other fun airplane plans can be found at

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