What’s new in MapWorks – 20 June 2017

For many people the task of getting up to speed with a new application can be daunting. We know that feeling and, because of that, we’ve worked to make MapWorks as simple to learn and simple to use as possible. We also know that there will always be things we can do to make MapWorks even easier and more intuitive to use. The latest release of MapWorks includes a few enhancements that should make getting up to speed even easier.

Here’s what’s new in MapWorks in the 20 June 2017 release:

  • A new News/Notes section was added to the site’s Home screen. We will use that section to keep you up to date on the latest information from MapWorks, including links to training, support and advice from our industry experts on how to get the most out of your organization’s data.
  • New MapWorks sites will now be pre-loaded with some sample data. This will help guide you as you get familiar with MapWorks and will give you some templates to work from as you get down to the business of documenting your organization’s data.
  • You can now “clone” an entire system, table or data element. This means that you can quickly make a copy of an existing MapWorks system, with all its tables and data elements, as the starting point for a new system in MapWorks. It also means you can use the samples we provide, or set up your own standard templates, as the starting point for new systems, tables and data elements in MapWorks.
  • We’ve made the export and import of system, table and data element data easier. On the Mapping module menu, you will notice a new Export/Import menu that now includes a link to a blank template that can be used to quickly enter system, table and data element information for upload into MapWorks.

We hope that you will give MapWorks a try. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.  Once you’ve had a chance to kick the tires, we would love to Leave feedback