Have you ever had a long conversation with someone, only to figure out you were talking about two different things? Unfortunately, that happens a lot. What you meant when you asked “Is it done?” isn’t what the other person heard when they said “Yes, it’s done.” This happens all the time with data. What exactly is a “customer?” Sounds simple, right? Go ask 3 people in your organization and you may get 3 different answers, or 4 on a particularly good day.

To help align the organization to that “golden source of truth”, we are introducing Business Glossary capabilities to MapWorks. Now you can keep a centralized, accessible list of what you mean when you say “customer” or “product” or anything else. So, next time, you have that long meeting where you agree on what a “customer” truly is, whoever won the game of rock-paper-scissors can have their definition immortalized in MapWorks for all the world (okay, the company) to see.

A New Business Glossary – Our latest release includes a new business glossary with some great features:

  • An interface on the Mapping module that will allow you to manage your Business Glossary Terms, including the ability to associate a term to a person and tag it with a configurable label. You can also see the data elements that hold the data represented by the term.
  • MapWorks will let you define which Business Glossary Term a data element represents.
  • The Business Glossary Term has been added to the export/import template used for quickly Importing to MapWorks. There are also new metadata queries that include a field for the Business Glossary Term.
  • A new report that shows the entire Business Glossary and the details of each Term.

Other new features from our latest release:

  • It is now easier to sync the list of valid values from source data elements. A new button lets you add all the valid values from the source(s) to the target data element with one click.
  • The metadata import process has been enhanced to better handle special characters in metadata.

If you haven’t seen MapWorks in action, well, now is the time. You can signup for a Free 30 day trial of MapWorks.   We also give a lot of product demos, so if it helps your team, you can Register for free demo, so sign-up today.