We’re at TDWI’s Chicago Conference.  And it’s time for the big launch!

It’s finally here. MapWorks is launched. Those three little words are a poor portrayal of the work it took to get here, but we’re here. The process started in earnest about a year ago when we were sitting around, staring down the barrel of weeks of training on using a metadata management application that one of our clients had chosen to install (at high cost and much labor, I might add). Strains of “Does it really have to be that difficult?” and “There has to be a better way!” echoed down the hallway of our office. Then again, I think I remember someone saying “At least we’re not using those &$@#! spreadsheets again.” It sounds cliché (and it probably is), but we set out that day to make the world a little better.

From the beginning, we wanted to make something that was simple to sign up. We’d jumped through enough hoops and filled out enough paperwork for procurement. It had to be as simple as creating a spreadsheet; but way, way (, way) more powerful. It also had to be simple to set up. No more 18-month installation projects that distract you from the REAL work you need to do. If you couldn’t start working in under an hour, we weren’t doing our job. And, most importantly of all, it had to be simple to use. (Did I mention the weeks of training we were facing? In the immortal words of E.E. Cummings: “No Thanks”)

Fast forward to today, and we think we’ve got something special. No, it won’t bring about world peace or make your lunch stop disappearing from the break room fridge, but it just may make managing your data a whole lot easier.

If you’re at TDWI Chicago, we’re at Booth 108.  Stop by and say hello!

If you’re not at TDWI, say hi anyway!  Give us a shout at answers@TheMapWorks.com – we’d love to here how you use MapWorks and what we could do to make it even better.