Learn MapWorks Fast

We’ve all sat through that week-long training class . . . Ugh! MapWorks is Simple to Learn! If you can’t learn MapWorks in less than an hour, it’s not simple.  Our short videos will have you working in no time!

Why MapWorks?

Data integration is hard.  Getting tools that work doesn’t have to be.

(approx 2 minutes)

Inviting your team to MapWorks

Your site is live – now get your team involved.

  • User administration

  • User roles

  • Inviting users

(approx 6 minutes)

Administering your MapWorks site

Setup your site for maximum productivity

  • Launchpad

  • Entities and roles

  • Tagging

  • Valid values

(approx 10 minutes)

Data Mapping

The rubber meets the road here – our core functionality is mapping data from one system to another.

  • Adding data elements

  • Source to target mapping

  • Creating and applying filters

  • Valid values and reference data

(approx 13 minutes)

Release Lifecycle

Systems grow and change, so don’t let your mappings become out-of-date.  Migrate mappings from Test to QA to Production and keep your mappings and definitions current and accurate

  • Customize your release cycle and environments

  • Setup a release

  • Manage releases

(approx 9 minutes)

Reporting and Analysis

  • Upstream and downstream impact analyses

  • See historical versions of metadata and mappings as well as the current state

  • View and filter by your custom tags or by user/owner

  • View release status and progress

  • View and audit activity on your MapWorks site by user, data element, system, or date

(approx 8 minutes)