Simple for Every Industry

If you’re managing data, you need MapWorks – no matter which industry you work in. Whether you’re in Financial Services or Healthcare or Retail or something else, if you are mapping data you need MapWorks. Metadata and Reference Data aren’t just for Telco or Manufacturing – you need MapWorks for those too. Data Governance isn’t just for Retail. MapWorks keeps everyone aligned around the official mappings and definitions.



Financial Services

  • Define data elements needed for CCAR, FR-Y, and Call Reporting

  • Tag PII and account information as Private or Sensitive

  • Manage KDEs for management and disclosure reporting

  • Understand impacts to Regulatory Reporting when source-systems change

  • Align users in Finance, Risk, Accounting, Product Management, and Marketing to the same definitions



  • Map data from EHR and EMR systems to downstream reports and analytics

  • Tag HIPAA and private data elements

  • Maintain ICD-10, LOINC, and SNOMED terminology and categories in a central repository for your business

  • Understand impacts to Regulatory Reporting when EHR and EMR systems change




Retail, Telco, Manufacturing, and More

  • Central location to standardize product, activity, and billing codes

  • Manage all of your data mappings in one place – that the technology and business users can see

  • Keep users in marketing, product-management, and sales aligned to key business definitions

  • Easily searchable catalog of data elements

Simple to sign up

Simple to setup

Simple to use

If you’re moving or managing data, MapWorks keeps everyone together.