Get Notified – Before the Fact (not after) When Your Data is Changing

A few years (and a couple of companies) ago, I was asked to give a demo of our flagship software product to a prospective client. The salesman and I met a week before and went over the basics of what the prospective client was looking for and strategized how we would fill their needs. Fast forward to the demo and, in his introduction of the demo to the client, the salesman contradicts just about every point he’d given me a week before. While I was able to adjust on the fly, I was not happy to have been blindsided with the changed information at the last minute. After exchanging a few “pleasantries” in private after the demo, I soon found out that the salesman had simply failed to notify me of the change in direction he had received from his contact at the client.

This same kind of situation plays itself out in countless ways every day. When important information is updated, those responsible (or even just interested) in the news need to be notified. For people working with data, this is even more critical.  Knowing ahead of time that a change will affect data that you own/manage is a must.   With the latest release of MapWorks, we are giving users a great way to be notified when data that they care about (owners, stewards, developers, report-writers, auditors, etc) is going to change.  You can be notified automatically of changes to items you are responsible for.  If a data element you use every day gets a new mapping, you will know.  If a data source that you rely on is changing, you’ll know.  You can even choose how often you want to be notified so that you can find the right balance between getting the updates you need and being overwhelmed – choose to be notified immediately, or get a summary daily/weekly/monthly of changes.  Why not try it for yourself by taking advantage of our free 30-day trial?

Here are the details of the latest release:

  • You can now, optionally, receive email notifications when edits occur on a System, Table, Data Element, Release or Business Glossary term. Users can sign up to receive notifications of edits:
    • To items on which the user plays a specific role or to items on which the user plays any role.
    • To items related to an item to which the user plays a role. For example:
      • To Systems and Tables that contain Data Elements on which the user plays a role
      • To Systems that contain Tables on which the user plays a role
      • To Data Elements and Tables under a System on which the user plays a role
      • To Data Elements under a Table on which the user plays a role
    • To Data Elements that are upstream or downstream in the data flow (as defined by the mappings) from a Data Element on which the user plays a role
  • Users can configure the notification frequency, with options that include immediate notification, daily, weekly or monthly options.
  • We have added a Change Log tab to Systems, Tables, Data Elements, Releases and Business Glossary term. On the Change Log, you will find the details of all the changes made to that item. Note, this is the same information presented on the Audit Log report, only filtered to the individual item.

We release code nearly every month – and we’ve got some great new features in the pipe.  We’ll keep you up to date as we roll them out!