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We’re the folks at The Mapworks, Inc, and we’ve been building data warehouses and and reporting systems for 20+ years. We’ve worked in a lot of companies and locations, and we came together through our parent company Novum Partners. We’ve tackled some really large data projects for some premier clients – but one thing ALWAYS affected our projects: data mapping and metadata management was always a wreck.

At nearly every client, there was a data glossary that the business used and a technical lineage system that IT maintained and a list of key data elements in the data governance division and none of those tools was consistent with the others. And more often then not, the project was already behind schedule on day one, so nobody wanted to spend time or money on a data mapping tool so we had to work in spreadsheets. Ugh.

We’re all sitting around the office one day griping about how the spreadsheets were outdated (or inaccessible) before the project was even over and someone said “Let’s build something that works. And it has to be dead-simple.” And MapWorks was born.

There are other solutions out there for data mapping and managing your metadata. The big vendors all have a solution. But we’re betting that simpler is better. You don’t need months and years to find a solution to manage your data mappings. It shouldn’t cost a bazillion (yes, that’s probably a word) dollars to have a data dictionary that business users and technical teams can all refer to. We manage data formats and definitions; source-to-target mappings; reference data and valid values; lineage and impact analysis. We keep all of that straight as you migrate fields and mappings from Test to QA to Production. And we do it for a lot less money and time than the competition.

We’ve worked hard to build a great product and we’ll keep working hard for our customers. Thanks for checking us out.

Meet the Team!

David Ayala
David AyalaTeam Lead
Bryan Bateman
Bryan BatemanCo-founder
Jim Cavallo
Jim CavalloCo-founder
Clint Johnson
Clint JohnsonCo-founder

We’re headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT – home of mountains, great skiing, and The Silicon Slopes.  There’s no shortage of great ideas around here.  We have a great team and some of our stars work remotely from either Boston or Colorado.

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