What’s new in MapWorks – 10 January 2018

Here at MapWorks we firmly believe in the power of data to transform organizations for the better, but only if that data is clean and well understood. The insights to be gained from good data and the decisions that those insights drive can propel your organization to new heights. False conclusions drawn from incorrect data can lead to disaster.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this blog that you believe what we believe. Hopefully you also believe, like we do, that the benefits of clean and well-understood data should be available to any organization, regardless of the size of the organization. After all, this is one of major reasons why we created MapWorks. Too many times we have seen decision makers struggle to know if they can trust the data in front of them, simply because those providing the data did not know where the data came from and whether it was accurate.

Too often, information about the source of the data is found in a mountain of un-correlated spreadsheets filled out long, long ago and stored who-knows-where. When we ask why the information isn’t more easily accessible, most have said that they don’t have the time to install one of the big metadata solutions, but even if they could, the cost would be prohibitive. It is time for that to change. It is time for MapWorks.

Here’s what’s new in MapWorks in the 10 January 2018 release:

  • A new feature was added to the Data Elements in MapWorks that shows a consolidated comparison of one version of a Data Element to another. In other words, with MapWorks, you can now quickly compare the details of a Data Element (including valid values, mappings and personnel assignments) from before a release to what existed after an updated release was installed. So, for example, you’ll know exactly what changed when the new ETL code was installed last month.
  • We added the Business Glossary to the list of items that can be exported from and imported to MapWorks in bulk. This will make first-time population the MapWorks Business Glossary a quick and easy task, as well as allow for bulk updates as you go along.